About Lives at War

Lives at War is an online virtual reality learning resource designed to support KS3/4 pupils learning about life on the Home Front during World War II.

Lives at War is an immersive learning experience – a virtual street, somewhere on the South coast. Players meet the characters that live there, and perform tasks that enable them to find out about life during wartime.

Lives at War has been created through an inter-generational heritage project using archive film footage that recorded everyday life in the UK during WW2 as a starting point. Year 10 pupils from Longhill High School in Brighton worked alongside a group of older residents to explore life in Brighton and Sussex at the time of WW2. Working with filmmaker Annis Joslin, historians, teachers and archivists, the young people and older people together collected and created stories and memories based on personal experiences and creative responses to the archive films. Virtual reality developer Corporation Pop used these oral histories to create an interactive virtual reality world – Lives At War.

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